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Monday, 23 September 2013

Serious Case of Environmental Issues in Korea: Dongbin Inner Harbor, Pohang Buk-gu, Northern Gyeongsang

The water quality at the Dongbin Inner Harbor (hanja: 東濱內港) in Pohang Buk-gu, Northern Gyeongsang (specific location: Dongbin-dong 1~2-ga) is getting worse due to the sewage and the waste water from communities. Furthermore, the Dongbin Inner Harbor appears stagnant water flow because the Harbor is almost isolated from the coastal area and is supplied by tidal currents through only the Yeongil Bay.

This study represents a numerical simulation of inflowing water passing through an inland canal to be planned connecting Dongbin Inner Harbor and the Hyeongsan River. For the study, an improvement of water quality is simulated at the Harbor. 

To simulate the movement of waters, the current system is first simulated by using RMA2, a commercial program that considers tidal current and river flowing. A purified simulation for the fresh water from the Hyeongsan River is then simulated by using RMA4. For the comparative result of the numerical model, both the present condition and the future condition (after construction of an inland canal) is simulated. The results of these conditions reasonably simulate a real situation at the Dongbin Inner Harbor. 

The Dongbin Harbor Restoration project, a large scale environmental restoration project and a long-cherished one by Pohang citizens, is under way as scheduled. The Dongbin Harbor Restoration project is a large scale environmental project to build the Dongbin Canal and usher in the re-opening of the Dongbin waterway, which has been polluted by the rapid urbanization, as well as development with hotels, condominiums, a water park, and seaside markets along the coast.

Compensation of residents living in the project area has been completed with a 88% of removal rate. After successful bidders are selected, demolition of the residential houses will soon be fully under way. This will be Pohang city’s first project to demolish an existing old town and build a 21st Century advanced nation-type city. Pohang expects the Dongbin Harbor Project will help revive local business areas and the old city center, prevent natural disaster, and activate tourism as a model case.

After construction of an inland canal, the water quality at the Dongbin Inner Harbor will be compared to the fresh water quality of the Hyeongsan River at the steady state. The result of simulation will be used to decide the most effective design of the canal.