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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mount Bomun, Daejeon Jung-gu: Dedicated to the Korean Troops in the Battle of Daejeon

Hiyori with the statues of South Korean Troops who fought bravely in the Battle of Daejeon, one of the famous events during Korean War (1950-1953).
Hiyori Kazane was introduced in Sora no Otoshimono the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork - during the 61st Anniversary of Korean War (June 25th, 2011).
Mount Bomun (Hanja: 寶文山) with the elevation 457.6 m (1501.3 ft) from sea level is located at Daesa-dong, Daejeon Jung-gu. It is the representative park in Daejeon Metropole, which is beloved by its citizens. There are many mineral springs in the mountain. It is one of the stops for Daejeon Dullesang-gil/대전둘레상길, the walking trail for Daejeon Metropole - same as Jeju Olle-gil in Jeju Province.

You can see many azaleas and cherry blossoms in spring and foliage in the fall. It is popular as a citizen's public health and rest place. Bomun Mountain Castle (Bomun Sanseong/보문산성/寶文山城) and Bomun Temple Site (Bomunsaji/보문사지) are equipped with an outdoor music hall, observatory, entertainment facility, and cable car. Citizens favor visiting the place through the 10 mountain climbing routes that includes the Siru Peak (Sirubong/시루봉) passage, and to 20 mineral springs.

You may see the overview of Jung-gu skyline if you climb up on Jangdaeru/장대루 (Jangdae Pavilion), which is the number 9 monument of Daejeon Metropole inside Bomun Mountain Castle. Besides the mountain climbing, indoor roller rink and soccer playground and other sports facilities are equipped as well as outdoor music hall, cable car, green-land, and youth plaza are usable. In Gochoksa under the Sirubong, you may see a natural stone which looks like Mireuk image.