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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Moe-Korea's Dev Log, Part II: Why I love Korea so much?

I've started to write blog about Korea and Moe Girls since December 2012. I adore Korea so much because of the vivid environment and culture. Nevertheless, Korea and Malaysia have shared the painful past of Japanese Occupation. Korea was annexed to Japanese Empire in 1910 by dethroning Emperor Sunjong, Last King of Joseon Dynasty and Emperor of Korean Empire while Malaysia (previously known as Malaya Federation and British Colonies of Sabah and Sarawak) was fallen to the Imperial Japanese Forces during World War II.

I have watched Rozen Maiden since I was 17. Further ado, I learned Hangul and its typing alignment (Windows Default: 2-Beolsik Korean Typing System) and searched for the Database of South Korean Postal Codes. Then, I've associated these seven dolls (including the fake seventh) with the Postal Codes and voilà, there you have it: Rozen Maiden Dolls with the respective positions and Administrative Provinces and Cities in South Korea.

A year later, my uncle bought me a laptop and I've tested it by using Korean Typing Alignment (at that time, I used Windows Vista). I pressed every single Hangul alphabet by using the default English QWERTY keyboard and guess what? The alignment is 100% accurately to the sample of 2-beolsik typing system that I've downloaded via internet. That means, I can type Korean Alphabet without referring to the QWERTY keyboard with Hangul in it.

Now, my laptop is broken and I'm currently using my mom's desktop. It's painful when I attended to MARA University of Technology in Penang (that day I studied Mechanical Engineering) and flunked until my CGPA is running low and get kicked from that hellish university which not provide hands-on (practical work). Now, I'm studying at Port Dickson Polytechnic in Civil Engineering. I think Civil Engineering is suitable for me because my mom is a technician in Civil. So, it is easy for me to talk my mom all about Civil Engineering crappies.

Back to the main topic, this is how I deduced them into the Cities and Provinces in Korea:
1. Suigintou = Seoul Special City (Postal Code: 100-XXX to 158~XXX)
2. Kanaria = Gangwon Province (Postal Code: 200-XXX to 269-XXX)
3. Suiseiseki = Daejeon Metropole (Postal Code: 300-XXX to 306-XXX)
4. Souseiseki = Incheon Metropole (Postal Code: 400-XXX to 409-XXX and 417-XXX)
5. Shinku = Gwangju Metropole (Postal Code: 500-XXX to 506-XXX)
6. Hinaichigo = Busan Metropole (Postal Code: 600-XXX to 619-XXX)
7. Kirakishou = Daegu Metropole (Postal Code: 700-XXX to 711-XXX)
8. Barasuishou = Northern Gyeongsang Province (Postal Code: 712-XXX to 799-XXX)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will reveal Seven Rozen Maiden Dolls (including the fake seventh) which associated with places in Korea. Click the link that I've highlighted above - this will link you to the specific blog post. List arranged in chronological order.