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Monday, 9 September 2013

Famous Queen of Joseon Dynasty, Part VIII: Queen Jeongseong of Dalseong Seo Clan - Philip Jaisohn's Great (4X) Grandmother

Queen Jeongseong of Dalseong Seo Clan (Hangul/Hanja: 정성왕후 달성서씨/貞聖王后 達城徐氏; Born: 7 December 1692 – Died: 15 February 1757) was the first wife and Queen Consort of King Yeongjo of Joseon, the 21st monarch of the Joseon Dynasty. She was a daughter of Seo Jong-je (서종제/徐宗悌), Internal Prince Dalseong (Dalseong Buwon-gun/달성부원군/達城府院君) and coming from Dalseong Seo Clan which is originated from Dalseong County, Daegu Metropole. 

Her posthumous name is Queen Hye-gyeong Jangshin Gangseon Gong-ik Inhwi Soheon Wollyeol Danmok Janghwa Jeongseong (혜경장신강선공익인휘소헌원렬단목장화정성왕후/惠敬莊愼康宣恭翼仁徽昭獻元烈端穆章和貞聖王后). She was the Great (4X) Grandmother of Philip Jaisohn a.k.a Seo Jaepil, first Korean who become naturalised United States Citizen. 

In November 1703, Queen Jeongseong was married at age 10 to King Yeongjo (previously known as Prince Yeon-ing/연잉군) who was aged 8. This marriage was one of the plans from King Sukjong's femme fatale, Royal Noble Consort Hui a.k.a Jang Ok-jeong to eliminate Royal Noble Consort Sook of Choi Clan a.k.a Dong Yi and King Yeongjo. King Yeongjo expressed his gratitude to Queen Jeongseong, saying that she always welcomed him with a smiling face during her entire 43 years of royal residency and was fully devoted to her superiors.

In 1724, Prince Yeoning's stepbrother, King Gyeongjong a.k.a. Yi Yoon died. Prince Yeoning ascended the throne on 30 August of that year as King Yeongjo. Lady Seo, as Prince Yeoning's wife, became Queen Consort.

Queen Jeongseong died at Changdeok Palace on 15 February 1757. Her death distressed her stepson, Crown Prince Sado (Posthumous King Jangjo), contributing to his declining mental condition. Queen Jeongseong had no children. She was buried at the Royal Tomb of Hongneung (홍릉/弘陵), a part of SeoOreung Royal Tomb Cluster (서오릉/西五陵) which is located at Yongdu-dong san 30-1 beonji, Goyang DeogYang-gu, Gyeonggi Province.