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Monday, 9 September 2013

Famous Queen of Joseon Dynasty, Part X (FINAL): Tale of Cheongju Han Clan Sisters - Queen Jangsun and Queen Gonghye

Finally, this is the final part of collection of the Famous Queens of Joseon Dynasty. That's pretty sad because this collection will be sealed after this. Today, I will introduce two sisters from Cheongju Han Clan who became Queen Consorts of Kings Yejong and Seongjong. They are Queen Jangsun and Queen Gonghye.

They were daughters of Han Myeong-hoe (한명회/韓明澮), Internal Prince Sangdang (Sangdang Buwon-gun/상당부원군/上黨府院君)  who served as the Prime Minister of Joseon State in 1466 and 1469~1471. Coincidentally, they were originated from Cheongju City, Northern Chungcheong Province. They were buried at the same royal tomb complex - Paju Samneung which is located at Bongilcheon-ri, Jori-eup, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province but in two separate tombs.

Two stories are separated in this blog.

Queen Jangsun

Queen Jangsun (Hangul/Hanja: 장순왕후 청주한씨/章順王后 州韓氏; Born: 1445 - Died: 1461) was the first consort of King Yejong, 8th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty. Her birth name was Han Naeng-i (한냉이/韓冷伊) and posthumously known as Queen Hwiin Sodeok Jangsun (휘인소덕장순왕후/徽仁昭德章順王后).

Unfortunately, Queen Jangsun died in 1461 after giving birth to a prince - Grand Prince Inseong. Two years later, the infant Grand Prince Inseong died. She was buried at the Royal Tomb of Gongneung (공릉/恭陵), a part of Paju Samneung Tomb Cluster (파주삼릉/波州三陵). 

Queen Gonghye

Queen Gonghye (Hangul/Hanja: 공혜왕후 청주한씨/恭惠王后 淸州韓氏; Born: October 11th, 1456 - Died: April 15th, 1474) was the first consort of King Seongjong, 9th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty. She was posthumously known as Queen Hwi-ui Shin-sook Gonghye (휘의신숙공혜왕후/徽懿愼肅恭惠王后). Queen Gonghye was the younger sister of Queen Jangsun and it is the only time in the history of the Joseon Dynasty that two sisters became queen.

Queen Gonghye died in the young age of 18 (1474); without any issues. Queen Gonghye and her sister, Queen Jangsun tombs' are facing each other. In fact, her tomb is more decorated than her sister. She was buried at the Royal Tomb of Sulleung (순릉/順陵), a part of Paju Samneung Tomb Cluster (파주삼릉/波州三陵). 

The tales of Famous Queens of Joseon Dynasty, end HERE.