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Monday, 9 September 2013

Famous Queen of Joseon Dynasty, Part IX: Queen Ingyeong of Gwangsan Kim Clan

Queen Ingyeong of Gwangsan Kim Clan (Hangul/Hanja: 인경왕후 광산김씨/仁敬王后 光山金氏; Born: 1661 - Died: 1680) was the first consort of King Sukjong, 19th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty. She was a daughter of Kim Man-gi (김만기/金萬基), Internal Prince Gwangseong (광성부원군/光城府院君/Gwangseong Buwon-gun) and coming from Gwangsan Kim Clan which is originated from Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju Metropole in Honam-Jeolla Region. Her posthumous name is Queen Gwangnyeol Hyojang Myeonghyeon Seonmok Hyeseong Sun-ui In-gyeong (광렬효장명현선목혜성순의인경왕후(光烈孝莊明顯宣穆惠聖純懿仁敬王后).

She became the crown princess in 1671 at the age of 11 after marrying Crown Prince Yi Soon (later King Sukjong). She then became Queen Ingyeong when her husband became King. She died at the young age of 20 from small pox at Gyeonghuigung Palace. She had three princesses but all three of them (Princesses Myeongsun, Myeonghye and Myeongan) did not live long.

She was buried at the Royal Tomb of Ingneung (익릉/翼陵), a part of SeoOreung Royal Tomb Cluster (서오릉/西五陵) which is located at Yongdu-dong san 30-1 beonji, Goyang DeogYang-gu, Gyeonggi Province.