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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Part V: Nangnamheon (Aww... not that BLEACH again!)

Nangnamheon (Hanja: 洛南軒) was not destroyed during the colonial period by Japan (1910~1945) when Hwaseong Haenggung was removed. The name Nangnamheon originated from 'namgung', the palace of Emperor Guangwu of the Chinese Later Han Dynasty (Born: 6 BCE - Died: 57 CE). Its construction was completed in 1794. Various events were held at this place in 1795 at the time of eulmyowonhaeng (long journey in the year of eulmyo). King Jeongjo threw a party for soldiers to commemorate the 60th birthday of Hyegyeonggung Hong, his mother, and awarded certificates to successful candidates at special national exams (Gwageo) here. He also held a feast for his mother's birthday.

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