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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Part IV: Jangnakdang (Bleached, again)

Jangnakdang (Hanja: 長樂堂) was a bedroom for Hyegyeonggung Hong (Posthumous Queen Heon-gyeong; consort of Crown Prince Sado - Posthumous King Jangjo of Joseon), mother of King Jeongjo the Great, during the eulmyowonhaeng (Hangul: 을묘원행; King’s long journey in the year of Eulmyo) in 1795. Its construction was completed in 1794 and it was located south of Bongsudang. It faces the east. The name Jangnakdang originated from the palace called Jangnakgung (장락궁/長樂宮) in Janganseong (장안성/長安城). King Jeongjo, who prayed for the longevity of his mother, named this building after Jangnakgung and inscribed the tablet himself. Hyegyeonggung Hong stayed in the building during the eulmyowonhaeng in 1795.

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