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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Allah Kore Cumhuriyeti'yi Korusun, Part IV: Jeonju Masjid

Reimu: Ramadan-getsu haite kita desu. Yukkuri Shite itte ne.
The Jeonju Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Masjid (Hanja: 全州聖院) is located at 31 Baekdong 6th Street/Baekdong 6-gil, Inhu-dong 2-ga 1567-10 beonji, Jeonju Deokjin-gu, Northern Jeolla Province. This mosque is bestowed from one of Muhammad's (pbuh) companions, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq a.k.a Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafah, the first Caliph of Rashidun Caliphate who replace Muhammad Rasulullah (pbuh) who died in 632 CE as the Successor of the Messenger (Khalifah Al-Rasul).

The construction of this mosque commenced on April 1985 - funded by Egyptian businessman, Abdel Latif El-Sharif and finished a year later. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Masjid is the fourth mosque built in Korea and first built in Honam-Jeolla Region. 

Located in the city rich with Korean Culture, Jeonju Masjid further adds to the beauty of its architecture by incorporating traditional Korean roof tiles to its Islamic dome and the heptagonal shape to its minaret. The imam of this masjid is Dr. Abdul Wahab Zahid, a Syrian origin who bears the Korean name: Hak Ap-du/학압두. In Arirang TV, a Korean Streaming TV Station did a 9-minute report on Imam Hak Ap-du and Islam in Korea.