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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Allah Kore Cumhuriyeti'yi Korusun, Part VII: Ansan Islamic Center

Ansan Masjid & Islamic Center is an old five storied Masjid located at 16-1 Wongok Park Avenue/Wongok Gongwonno, Wongok 1-dong 741-5 beonji, Ansan Danwon-gu, Gyeonggi Province in Korea. Earlier, it was a church which was purchased by the zeal of  Muslim community in Ansan with cooperation of Korea Muslim Federation.

An imam from Bangladesh, Rahman El-Qasemy serves at the Ansan Masjid, which is operated independently by immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia working at the nearby Ansan Industrial Complex. This Islamic Center is accessible by using KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 4 to Station 453: Ansan.