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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mount Gwanak, Trademark of Seoul Gwanak-gu

Mount Gwanak (Hanja: 冠岳山; Elevation: 632m [2,073ft] above sea level) is a small mountain in southern Seoul, South Korea. Portions lie in Seoul Gwanak-gu and Seoul Geumcheon-gu; other portions lie in the neighboring cities of Anyang Manan-gu and Gwacheon in Gyeonggi Province. This mountain is a trademark of Seoul Gwanak-gu.

The name gwanak means "hat-shaped peak," and refers to its gat-like profile. Thus Gwanaksan literally means "mountain of the hat-shaped peak." Currently it is referred to as "Gwanak," since san already contains the meaning of "mountain." Together with Mount Songak in Kaesong (Present-day DPRK), Mount Gamak in Paju, Mount Uak in Pocheon, and Mount Hwaak in Gapyeong, Gwanaksan was long considered one of the five representative peaks of Gyeonggi Province (Gyeonggi-do o-ak).

The main campus of Seoul National University is located just northwest of the mountain, the Government Complex Gwacheon and Gwacheon City Hall lies to the east. Also nearby is the Anyang Resort Area, a popular local tourist attraction. On the mountain itself lie numerous Buddhist temples, including Wongaksa. Most of the mountain slope is protected land. The mountain is very popular with older climbers, since it can easily be reached by Seoul's public transportation. Annual hiking traffic is close to 50 million people. The Seoul side was designated a city park in 1968.

This mountain is accessible either by using Seoul Metro Line 2 to Station 228: Seoul National University Station if you're hiking in Seoul Gwanak-gu area OR KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 1 to Station P146: Gwanak if you're hiking in Anyang Manan-gu area.