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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nokdu Alley, the dwelling place for the students of Seoul National University

We have known the dwelling places for the university students such as Hongdae Area (홍대앞/HongDae-ap), Daehangno (대학로) and Ehwa Womans University's Area (이대앞/Idae-ap). Nevertheless, Nokdu Alley in the Lower Han River Sector of Seoul is the main dwelling place for the university students in that area.

Nokdu Alley or Nokdu-geori is a street in Daehak-dong, Seoul Gwanak-gu. Located near Seoul National University Gwanak Campus, the alley was formed as a center of entertainment for students. The alley is crowded with many restaurants, markets, bars and pubs. In the vicinity, there are many private boarding homes, dormitories and lodges making dwelling place for students.

Nokdu Alley was formed in late 1970s, after Seoul National University was relocated. The name of the alley was derieved from the traditional pub (makgeolli house) Nokdu-jip (녹두집/Nokdu House), Which served as the center of the student activists at that time.