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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Famous Queen of Joseon Dynasty, Part VI: Queen Danui of Cheongsong Shim Clan

Queen Danui of Cheongsong Shim Clan (Hangul/Hanja: 단의왕후 청송심씨/端懿王后 靑松沈氏; Born: 1686 - Died: 1718) is the first consort of King Gyeongjong, 20th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty. She is 12th generation descendant of Shim On (심온/沈溫), father of Queen Soheon - Queen Consort of King Sejong the Great and 7th generation descendant of Shim Kang (심강/沈鋼), father of Queen In-soon - Queen Consort of King Myeongjong. Further ado, she is a daughter of Shim Ho, Internal Prince Cheong-eun (Cheong-eun Buwon-gun/청은부원군/靑恩府院君).

She was the Princess Consort of the Prince Successor, Yi Yoon (later King Gyeongjong). Unfortunately, she died two years before King Gyeongjong ascended the throne, replacing his father, King Sukjong. She was buried at the Royal Tomb of Hyereung (혜릉/), a part of Donggureung Tomb Cluster (동구릉/東九陵) which is located at 197 Donggureung Avenue/Donggureungno, Inchang-dong san 10-1 beonji, Guri City, Gyeonggi Province. Her posthumous name is Queen Gonghyo Jeongmok Dan-ui (공효정목단의왕후/恭孝定穆端懿王后).