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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Famous Queen of Joseon Dynasty, Part V: Queen Jangnyeol of Yangju Cho Clan

Queen Jangnyeol of Yangju Cho Clan (Hangul/Hanja: 장렬왕후 양주조씨/莊烈王后 楊州趙氏; Born: December 16th 1624 - Died: September 20th 1688) is the second consort of King Injo, 16th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty. She is a daughter of Cho Chang-won (조창원/趙昌遠), Internal Prince Hanwon (Hanwon Buwon-gun/한원부원군/漢原府院君) and posthumously known as Queen Ja-ui Gongshin Hwiheon Gang-in Sungmok Jangnyeol (자의공신휘헌강인숙목장렬왕후/慈懿恭愼徽獻康仁淑穆莊烈王后).

Queen Jangnyeol succeeded Queen Illyeol of Cheongju Han Clan as the Queen of Joseon Dynasty in 1638, three years after Queen Illyeol passed away after giving birth to a prince. She was promoted into Royal Queen Dowager during the reign of King Hyojong (1649) as Royal Queen Dowager Ja-ui (자의왕대비/慈懿王大妃). 

She outlived the following two Kings which are Kings Hyojong (1649-1659) and Hyeonjong (1659-1674) and died during the reign of King Sukjong, 19th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty (1688). She was buried at the Royal Tomb of Hwireung (휘릉/徽陵), a part of Donggureung Tomb Cluster (동구릉/東九陵) which is located at 197 Donggureung Avenue/Donggureungno, Inchang-dong san 5-1 beonji, Guri City, Gyeonggi Province. Her husband, King Injo was buried together with her predecessor, Queen Illyeol at Paju Jangneung which is located at Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province.