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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Famous Queen in Joseon Dynasty, Part I: Queen Dangyeong of Geochang Shin Clan

Isumi-hime with the tomb of Queen Dankyung, one of King Jungjong's Consorts.

Queen Dangyeong of Geochang Shin Clan (Hangul/Hanja: 단경왕후 거창신씨/端敬王后 居昌愼氏; Born: 1487 - Died: 1557) is the first Consort of King Jungjong, the 11th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty (Born: 16 April 1488 – Died: 29 November 1544, Reigned: 1506–1544). She was a daughter of Shin Soo-geun (신수근/愼守勤) - Internal Prince Ikchang (Ikchang Buwon-gun/익창부원군/益昌府院君), who served as a minister during the era of King Yeonsan the Terrible, 10th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty (Born: 24 October 1476 – Died: 20 November 1506, Reigned: 1494–1506). Ironically, he was King Yeonsan's brother-in-law.

She married Grand Prince Jinseong (진성대군/晉城大君 - later King Jungjong) in 1499 and became Queen Consort of Joseon Dynasty in 1506 after dethronement of King Yeonsan the Terrible by officers who loyal to Grand Prince Jinseong (Park Won-jong/박원종, Seong Hui-an/성희안, Yoo Soon-jeong/유순정 and Hong Gyeong-joo/홍경주). 

Unfortunately, she was expelled from the palace seven days after ascended the throne and her political rivals killed her father; who dissatisfied with King Jungjong after ascended the Joseon Dynasty throne by dethroning Jungjong's brother, King Yeonsan the Terrible. King Jungjong was pressured by Queen Dangyeong's political rivals and forcibly dethrone her. The queen died in 1557 and buried in her family burial site which is located at 255-41 Hoguk-ro/Hoguk Avenue, Iryeong-ri san 19-beonji, Jangheung-myeon, Yangju City, Gyeonggi Province. King Yeongjo, the 21st Monarch of Joseon Dynasty (Born: 31 October 1694 – Died: 22 April 1776, Reigned: 16 October 1724 – 22 April 1776) reinstated the place as Joseonese Royal Tomb of Olleung (온릉/溫陵) in 1739.

She is posthumously known as Queen Gongso Sun-yeol Dan-gyeong (공소순열단경왕후/恭昭順烈端敬王后). In the modern day, Olleung is not open to public in order to preserve it. Her tragic story depicted from the Korean Drama entitled 'Queen for Seven Days' (7일의 왕비), portrayed by Park Min-kyung and Park Si-eun - as the younger Queen Dangyeong.