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Monday, 29 April 2013

Meet the Embroidery Artisan: Han Sang-soo

Toshiko: Witches, err... I'll introduce you the famous Korean Embroidery Artisan, Madam Han Sang-soo.
The Han Sang-soo Embroidery Museum (Hanja: 韓尙洙刺繡博物館) is an art museum specializing in Korean embroidery located in 29-1 Bukchon Avenue 12th Street (Bukchonno 12-gil) Gahoe-dong 11-32 beonji, Seoul Jongno-gu, South Korea. It is located in the heart of Bukchon Hanok Village. The museum was established by Han Sang-soo (한상수/韓尙洙, born circa 1934) who holds a title as a jasujang (자수장/刺繡匠, embroidery artisan) of the 80th Important Intangible Cultural Property designated by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korean Republic. The museum was established to promote Korean embroidery artwork, preserve traditional techniques, and encourage new creations.

Visitors can view the permanent exhibition and the special exhibitions, and take part in regular hands-on embroidery programs for a fee of 3,000 won. The program operates from 10am to 5pm and does not require a reservation. The one-hour program starts with a demonstration by an instructor, after which participants embroider a handkerchief according to instructions. The handkerchief is to take home after the program is finished. Instructions are given only in Korean, so foreigners are advised to come with a local guide.