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Friday, 1 February 2013

Bridges in Seoul, Part VI: Seogang Bridge

Oh crap! A lunatic angeloid rampages on this bridge! Fallback!
Seogang Bridge (Hanja: 西江大橋) is a bridge over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. The bridge links the precincts of Sinjeong-dong, Seoul Mapo-gu and Yeouido Island (Yeouido-dong), Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu, spanning 1.32km (0.882 miles). This arched-truss type bridge is supported in the middle as it passes over the island of Bamseom West.

Initial construction began in June 7th, 1980, but work was eventually suspended in December 30th, 1996 due to environmental concerns. The bridge wasn't completed until 1999 by French construction firm, Soletanche Freyssinet. The principal boulevard for this bridge is National Assembly Boulevard (Gukhoe-daero/국회대로/國會大路) where this bridge connects to National Assembly Building to the South and Sogang University to the North.

North Side of the Bridge
  • Exit to Gangbyeonbuk Highway (Gangbyeonbuk-ro/강변북로/江邊北路) via:
    • Yanghwa Avenue (Yanghwa-ro/양화로/楊花路) to the West.
    • Mapo Boulevard (Mapo Daero/마포로/麻浦) and Yeoui Boulevard (Yeoui Daero/여의대로/汝矣路) to the East.
    • Seogang Avenue (Seogangno/서강로/西江路), Tojeong Avenue (Tojeongno/토정로/土亭路) and Sogang University to the North.

South Side of the Bridge
  • Exit to Yeoui Western Road (Yeouiseo-ro/여의서로/汝矣西路) via:
    • Nodeul Avenue (Nodeul-ro/노들로) and Olympic Highway (Olympic Daero/올림픽대로) to the West.
    • Yeoui Boulevard (Yeoui Daero/여의대로/汝矣大路) and Yeoui Eastern Road (Yeouidongno/여의동/汝矣東) to the East.
    • National Assembly Buliding and National Assembly Library to the South.