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Friday, 1 February 2013

Bridges in Seoul, Part V: Yanghwa Bridge

The Yanghwa Bridge (Hanja: 楊花大橋) is an eight lane bridge spanning the Han River in Seoul. The bridge connects the precincts of Hapjeong-dong, Seoul Mapo-gu on the north side of the river to Dangsan-dong 6-ga, Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu on the south side of the river. The bridge is buttressed by the eastern end of the island of Seonyudo, home to Seonyudo Park (선유도공원/仙遊島公園). Its principal avenue for this bridge is Yanghwa Avenue (Yanghwa-ro/양화로/楊花路).

The bridge is a combination of two bridges: the old bridge, originally called the "Second Han River Bridge" (제2한강교), completed in 1965; and the new bridge, completed in 1982. The old bridge was the first bridge built by Korean technology after Gwangbokjeol in 1945 and served as the gateway from Seoul to the west coast. Due to increasing traffic, construction for an expansion started in 1979 and the new eight lane bridge was completed in February 1982.

The old bridge's upper structure has a width of 18.0m (59.05 feet), length 1,053m (0.654 miles) and is composed of steel plate girders and concrete box girders. The new bridge has a width of 16.1m (52.82 feet), length of 1,053m and is a steel plate girder bridge. The lower structure has an open caisson well foundation.

The bridge went through repairs and renovations in 1996 and reopened in April 2002 with additional ramps. As of February 2010, the bridge is once again going through renovations by widening the space between bridge posts to allow 5000t ships to pass. In 2011, this bridge is redesigned by adding arched truss on the center of the bridge. A Contemporary R&B song entitled "Yanghwa BRDG" was recently popularized by Zion.T in 2014.

North Side of the Bridge
Exit to Gangbyeonbuk Highway (Gangbyeonbuk-ro/강변북로/江邊北路) via:
  • Seongsan Avenue (Seongsanno/성산로/城山路) to the West.
  • Seogang Avenue (Seogangno/서강로/西江路) and National Assembly Boulevard (Gukhoe-daero/국회대로/國會大路) to the East.
  • Hongik University Seoul Campus to the North.

South Side of the Bridge
Exit to Olympic Highway (Olympic Daero/올림픽대로) via:
  • Nodeul Avenue (Nodeul-ro/노들로) and Seoul West Arterial Road (Seobu Ganseondoro/서부간선도로 /西部幹線道路) to the West.
  • Yeoui West Avenue (Yeouiseo-ro/여의서로/汝矣西路) and National Assembly Boulevard (Gukhoe-daero/국회대로/國會大路) to the East.
  • Seonyu Avenue (Seonyu-ro/선유로/仙遊路) to the South.

This song soothes your ears. This is Zion.T with his song, Yanghwa BRDG.