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Friday, 1 February 2013

Bridges in Seoul, Part IV: Seongsan Bridge

Megumi: What are you looking at, mate? Do you love this bridge? I'm sure that you're love it.

The Seongsan Bridge (Hanja: 城山大橋) crosses the Han River in South Korea and connects the precincts of Mangwon-dong, Seoul Mapo-gu and Yangpyeong-dong, Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu with the span of 1.41km (0.876 miles). Construction began in April 1977 and was completed on June 30, 1980.

Its principal avenue of this bridge is Seongsan Avenue (Seongsanno/성산로/城山路) and a part of National Route 1. Seongsan Bridge is the 12th bridge to span Korea's Han River.

North Side of the Bridge
  • Exit to Gangbyeonbuk Highway (Gangbyeonbuk-ro/강변북로/江邊北路) via:
    • Nanji Han River Park, World Cup Park to the West.
    • Yanghwa Avenue (Yanghwa-ro/양화로/楊花路) to the East.
    • Seoul Inner Ringway (Naebu Sunhwandoro/내부순환/內部循環路) and Seoul Mapo-gu Office to the North.

South Side of the Bridge
  • Exit to Olympic Highway (Olympic Daero/올림픽대로) via:
    • Hwagok Avenue (Hwagok-ro/화곡로/禾谷路) to the West.
    • Yanghwa Avenue (Yanghwa-ro/양화로/楊花路) to the East.
    • Nodeul Avenue (Nodeul-ro/노들로) and Seoul West Arterial Road (Seobu Ganseondoro/서부간선도로 /西部幹線道路) to the South.