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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bridges in Seoul, Part II: Gangdong Bridge

We have detected a nekomimi girl in the middle of nowhere... can we fetch her?
The Gangdong Bridge (Hanja: 江東大橋) crosses the Han River in South Korea and connects the precincts of Hail-dong, Seoul Gangdong-gu and Topyeong-dong, Guri City in Gyeonggi Province. The bridge was built in February 1988 and completed in November 29th 1991 when the construction of Interstate 100 LOOP: Seoul Ring Expressway commenced in the first phase from EXIT 12: Toegyewon IC (Interchange) in Namyangju to EXIT 1: Pangyo JCT in Seongnam.

This bridge spans 1.126km (0.7 miles) from EXIT 7: Gang-il IC to EXIT 8: Topyeong IC. It is a part of the I-100 LOOP: Seoul Ring Expressway.

North Side of the Bridge
EXIT 8: Topyeong IC (토평 나들목/土坪交叉路) - Exit to Gangbyeonbuk Highway (Gangbyeonbuk-ro/강변북로/江邊北路) via:
  • Guri-Beolmal Avenue (Guri Beolmal-ro/구리 벌말로) to the West.
  • Wangsukcheon Avenue (Wangsukcheonno/왕숙천로/王宿川路) to the East.
  • EXIT 9: Namyangju IC (남양주 나들목/南楊州交叉路) through Guri Tollgate (구리 요금소/九里料金所) to the North.

South Side of the Bridge
EXIT 7: Gang-il IC (강일 나들목/江一交叉路) - Exit to Olympic Highway (Olympic Daero/올림픽대로) via:
  • Seoul-Guam Seowon (서울 구암서원/서울 龜巖書院), SMRT Line 5 Depot at Sangil-dong, Olympic Avenue (Olympic-ro/올림픽로), Arisu Avenue (Arisu-ro/아리수로/아리水路), Prehistoric Road (Seonsa-ro/선사로/先史路) and Godeok Avenue (Godeok-ro/고덕로 /高德路) to the West.
  • Misa Boulevard  (미사대로/渼沙大路) and Interstate 60 (I-60) Seoul-YangYang Expressway [Misa IC/미사 나들목/渼沙交叉路] to the East.
  • EXIT 6: Sang-il IC (상일 나들목/上一交叉路) to the South.